smallchecks.gif (5348 bytes) Follow these simple instructions to create your own internet check. Remember to fill out all the information or we won't be able to process your request.
First enter in the next check number that appears in your checkbook. The paper check will have to be voided so that there are no duplicates in your account. You can keep this voided check as a record of your transaction.

Enter in the amount of your payment. Make sure to use a decimal point to identify dollars and cents. Click OK

Enter in your name, address, city, state (2 letters only), and your zip code. Click OK

Enter in your bank name, city, state and zip code. Enter in your checking account number. This is the number at the bottom of your check and looks like this: Click OK

Enter in your driver's license number and the state of issuance. Remember to use only two letters for the state.

Enter in your phone number and your email address. Your email address is required in order for us to send you a confirmation. Click OK

Your check is now ready to be printed. Enter in a security password for your next visit, that way the next time you use ChecksByNet Check Writer, all of the information you have just entered will be automatically in place. Please review your internet check and if correct... Click OK

That's it. You will now receive a confirmation page indicating the status of your check. Your check will be printed by the merchant. Your bank will return the processed check back with your next statement.