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Are you looking for a payment solution for your web-site? Tired of paying high rates for credit cards? Would you like a payment method that is guaranteed?

CrossCheck introduces ChecksByNet that makes it possible to accept check payments online in a secure and easy to use format. Online customers of your web-site can choose the ChecksByNet option for payment and fill out an "Internet" check. CrossCheck will approve and guarantee the check. You print out the check at your location and deposit it.

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How it works:

Customers shopping at your site or making payments to you will click on CrossCheck's check writer payment option. They will be linked to CrossCheck’s Authorization Center (completely invisible to them). They will fill-out a blank check on the screen. This information will download to CrossCheck for authorization and seconds later the "check" will be approved. Moments later or on demand the check will be recalled from CrossCheck by the cyber merchant and printed at the merchant’s site--authorized and guaranteed.

Exclusive password feature:

After the customer has entered in their bank information they may choose to enter a password that may be recalled for future transactions. With this exclusive feature, the next time the customer uses ChecksByNet, the information may be automatically recalled, saving time and effort.

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What you need:
  • Windows 95/98/NT 4.0/2000/XP or higher with Internet access.

  • A PC (minimum: 386DX or better with 16 MB of memory)

  • Printer


Check transactions are secure and worry-free because of our advanced security and authorization systems. Our web server employs SSL with 128-bit encryption—safer than 99.5% of all US web sites.

For a demonstration of how CrossCheck's check writer can take a customer’s order and turn it into a check, visit our demo or call for more information about ChecksByNet at 1-800-654-2365.